How I met Jane Austen?

Hello my dears!

Today I finally had time to write. I decided to share with you how I met Jane Austen.
Well, a few years ago I had a car accident and I had to stay at home to rest and recover. One day I change to Hollywood channel and I started to watch a movie called "Pride and Prejudice". It changed my life forever.
I decided that I have to search about this movie so my first question was: "Is this inspired in a book?". That was when I discovered Jane Austen! I bought Pride and Prejudice, I started to read it and I couldn't put it down. I read the rest of the books right away. I saw all of the adaptions and I decided to start my blog and my facebook page because I wanted to share my passion and I wanted to have nice conversations with janietes from all over the world. When I met her, I was in a bad time of my life but because of her, I changed. I became a better person, I realized what really matters, what I have to do to be happy, the type of man I  deserve but, most important, I learned to love myself and don't let people pull me down.

Jane Austen change my life, she makes me want more for my life, to ours lives.  She is like a friend, a sister and good adviser. When I have doubts I think: "What would Jane Austen do?".

Trip to Guimarães

Hello Dears,
So I decided to talk about the places that I visited in Guimarães.
It is one of the most important historical cities of the country, being its historical center considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

Alberto Sampaio's Museum

The Ducal Palace of Bragança
Guimarães's Castle
Church Nossa Senhora da Oliveira
Basilica of São Pedro
Wall: "Portugal was born here"

200 Years of Jane Austen's death

About 200 years ago, the world lost one of the most brilliant writers of the English literature.
Until today, her work continues to influence the lives of those who let themselves fall in love with her books.  I think we shouldn’t celebrate her death but her immortality, because I know, for sure, that she still lives in her books. They are pieces of her that we discovered when we read them.

Jane Austen was against the rules and moralities of her time. She did what the most important writers did in their lives, she innovated. Everyone thought that she would end badly because she didn’t get married but she proved that, even women could have a job and be successful.  She represents a symbol of feminism and an example of courage and intelligence for all the women around the world. Living for the sake of what is safer is the easy way but she taught us to risk and not afraid to stand up for what we believe. Her books leave us strong messages and conclusions that made us stronger and encourage us to live our lives as we are. She dedicated her life to her books and she believed in her work.  Determination and hard work were good qualities of her. We read her books and we became new people. Indirectly, she changes us! And it is a good change because she gives us hope and that is the secret of life. When you believe in yourself, you can do everything you want. She teaches me that! She teaches me to believe in myself, even if the world is against you!

So today, I want do dedicate this short text to all the people who love Jane Austen as much as I do.  She will never be death because we will continue to preserve and share her work with the world.  Every time you find one of her books, think “I meeting Jane Austen”.

"I have loved none but you" - Persuasion

One more year

  Hello my dears,
           Another year, another opportunity to enjoy life. My advice to you is to be yourselves, do not be afraid to live life according to your nature. Be honest, kind, brave and happy. Each of you has enormous value for our society so take it and help others. And if you have someone to whom want much to apologize or re-establish contact, do not waste time because nobody knows tomorrow.
     I would also like to thank you for your support and for remaining so faithful to our page. We greatly value the fans of our page and all those who have just joined to our community!

First Vlog - Lessons from Jane Austen - Learn how you should be with your girlfriend\wife

Hi, everyone!
This is our first vlog and we decided to talk about a very funny theme.
How many times have you wanted a Mr. Darcy or even Captain Frederick Wentworth?
Your man may be a little lost but we're here to help him and you too. ;)
We know we have to improve a lot but for now this was our best
I hope you enjoyed it! :D


“I imagined myself indifferent to her, but I was just angry and resentful. Too late … too late I began to understand me and her. I never met one like her good sense and sweetness of character. She is the perfection itself. I have never loved anyone who is not her. ”